Drawn Together: What’s the Point?


One of the reasons I started this blog is because I found myself unsatisfied with a lot of the discourse among animation circles, especially online.  The animation websites that I’m familiar with don’t discuss it much more beyond sneak previews to new projects, interviews with animators, reviews of new releases, and their box office numbers.  Any discussion about these cartoons from a sociopolitical or media theory point of view would often be conducted with total ineptitude if not met with outright hostility.

Some years back, one of my friends made a Facebook post bemoaning the dearth of African-American protagonists in cartoons, particularly when he was a kid.  His post attracted a lot of comments from other (white) animators and animation fans taking issue with him even bringing it up, saying things like “I don’t want to insert politics in my cartoons” or “Cartoons are innocent, we shouldn’t poison them with politics” or “Cartoons can be anything, why does this even matter?”  Besides the obnoxious colorblindness, these types of responses my friend got were also decidedly apolitical.

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Drawn Together: What’s the Point?