WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

Last weekend I watched Disney’s latest animated feature Zootopia.  I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about this film based on the initial teasers and how mediocre I found their prior two films Frozen and Big Hero 6 to be.  Well to my surprise, when I finally watched Zootopia, I was….er, pleasantly surprised!  For something that came off like a CG repeat of Robin Hood at first, I’m surprised how much this film captured my imagination.

So the running theme throughout Zootopia is that this animal universe is divided into two different class groups: predator and prey.  This film largely plays as a buddy cop picture, but the division between the predator and prey classes is a constant source of tension throughout.

This isn’t the first time Disney has used animal interaction as a representative for the racial/class/etc. tension in the human world.

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