Disney Live Action Remakes!


So it’s looking like Disney is going to remake all of their animated masterpieces into live action iterations.  On the heels of the live action remake of The Jungle Book’s success, the Mouse Factory’s got more planned for the near future.

There’s a remake of Dumbo slated and I’ve heard they’re gonna give Cruella de Vil the Maleficent treatment starring Emma Stone.  Making a character that kills puppies for clothing sympathetic to the audience is one thing, but I think the more Herculean task is being able to top Glenn Close’s scenery-chewing interpretation of Cruella.

I’ll be looking forward to the live action iterations of The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Tarzan, The Lion King, and Pinocchio.  Mo’Nique might make for a fun Ursula!  Imagine how powerful the infamous wildebeest stampede would look in CG!  Or how frightening this jackass transformation would look with their VFX!  And perhaps the live action iterations of Atlantis and Treasure Planet will enjoy the commercial success the animated versions didn’t!

But I’m particularly excited about the live action remake of Mulan!  I heard they’re casting Scarlett Johansson for the lead!

Disney Live Action Remakes!

OFF-TOPIC: Intersectionality™


During my early years of learning about social justice issues, whenever I would listen to some sort of social justice activist or speaker talk, I couldn’t help but notice a “schism” for lack of a better term.  To be more specific, many of the activists for issues facing the black community that I was aware of at the time would speak very eloquently about those issues, but only approached it from the point of view of the heterosexual black male.  This would mean that the speaker’s point of view would be at best, shortsighted and a worst, patriarchal and homophobic machismo.  So I felt a breath of fresh air when I discovered speakers like Cornel West or Michael Eric Dyson who decried sexism and homophobia in their racial justice platforms at the end of my high school years.  It was reassuring for me to know that taking a stand against racism is not mutually exclusive to standing against sexism or homophobia.

Fast forward to my college years.  Some feminist friends of mine educated me about the then trending hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen, which was a call-out of feminist circles that narrowly focused on the welfare of white women to the detriment of women of color.  Not too long later in one of my graduate classes, a gay classmate of mine wrote a screenplay that brutally critiqued the over-emphasis of economically well-off gay white men when discussing or representing the LGBT+ community and the unchecked misogyny and racism in some gay white male circles.

I came to understand examples like the aforementioned as the concept of intersectionality.

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OFF-TOPIC: Intersectionality™

The End of Evangelion: Review


NOTE: This post might not be safe for work?

I told myself I wouldn’t watch The End of Evangelion. Its reinterpretation of the show’s ending is too cruel and mean-spirited for me to handle.

Shinji constantly told himself he could never love a girl like Asuka. Her often mean and bitchy attitude is too much for a nice boy like him to handle.

But there it was in front of me. The whole movie uploaded on YouTube in high quality. It taunted me mercilessly.

But Asuka’s comatose body lay in front of him, her exposed breasts taunting the lonely adolescent boy mercilessly.

As I watched the movie, I was overcome with feelings of anger, despair, and repulsion. I hated Hideaki Anno for what he did to his characters. I hated myself for giving in to my curiosity about the film. I hated myself for being enraptured by its beauty and conceptual brilliance.

As Shinji masturbated, he was overcome with feelings of anger, despair, and repulsion. He hated Asuka for treating him poorly for such a long time. He hated Asuka for being too beautiful for him to resist. He hated himself for being hopelessly lustful for this young woman.

The movie ended with this fitting line: “Disgusting.”

After Shinji orgasmed, he looked at the mess he made on his hand. Disgusting….

I am so fucked up.

“I am so fucked up.”

The End of Evangelion: Review