Disney Live Action Remakes!


So it’s looking like Disney is going to remake all of their animated masterpieces into live action iterations.  On the heels of the live action remake of The Jungle Book’s success, the Mouse Factory’s got more planned for the near future.

There’s a remake of Dumbo slated and I’ve heard they’re gonna give Cruella de Vil the Maleficent treatment starring Emma Stone.  Making a character that kills puppies for clothing sympathetic to the audience is one thing, but I think the more Herculean task is being able to top Glenn Close’s scenery-chewing interpretation of Cruella.

I’ll be looking forward to the live action iterations of The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Tarzan, The Lion King, and Pinocchio.  Mo’Nique might make for a fun Ursula!  Imagine how powerful the infamous wildebeest stampede would look in CG!  Or how frightening this jackass transformation would look with their VFX!  And perhaps the live action iterations of Atlantis and Treasure Planet will enjoy the commercial success the animated versions didn’t!

But I’m particularly excited about the live action remake of Mulan!  I heard they’re casting Scarlett Johansson for the lead!

Disney Live Action Remakes!

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