The Boondocks “A Date With the Health Inspector”


WARNING: This post contains explicit language and graphic discussion/depiction of rape.

Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by, like, five guys right now?  Like, right now?

This is a response that comedian Daniel Tosh had to a female heckler that took issue with his penchant for rape jokes at one of his comedy shows in 2012.  This little incident got Tosh a wave of backlash and he eventually apologized for making that joke.  But I would dare say that Tosh’s remark would not have caught so much flack if he had aimed this remark about a male heckler.

Now don’t take me as spouting some kind of petulant “women have it easier than men” rhetoric you might find on some “red pill” sub-reddit.  Rape culture is something that disproportionately affects women and one wave of backlash against one comedian that has joked about it more than once is a drop in the bucket compared to how it is perpetuated by the rest of society.  But what many people may not know is that rape culture affects men as well and I would like to take this time to discuss how.

Which brings me to the fifth episode of The Boondocks’ first season, “A Date With the Health Inspector”.

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The Boondocks “A Date With the Health Inspector”